Public Notices


861-5359 Renewal

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO MINE Pursuant to Application Number 861-5359, Renewal In accordance with the provisions of KRS 350.055, notice is hereby given that Gatliff Coal LLC, 15888 Ferrells Creek Road, Belcher, KY 41513, has applied for renewal of an existing underground coal mining and reclamation…
1/12/2018 to 1/26/2018 #410435

Permitting 8070465

PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to 405 KAR 8:010, Section 16(5), the following is a summary of permitting decisions made by the Department for Natural Resources, Division of Mine Permits with respect to applications to conduct surface coal mining and reclamation operations in Bell County. NALLY &…
1/19/2018 #414916